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Basic information

Checks if your SSL is valid and matches your domain.

SSL Validity
Test your domain and see if your SSL is installed correctly.

Checks if your SSL is expired and how many days you have left.

Expiration Date
When does the SSL certificate expire?

Checks different trust stores to see if your certificate and all intermediate are trusted and valid.

Trust Stores
See if your SSL is valid with Mozilla, Microsoft and Apple.

If you are using a CDN or a cluster of servers you can use this field to identify who responded.

Domain Resolves To
The IP of the server that responded

The information that the owner entered during the generation of his SSL certificate.

Certificate Subject
The subject fields of the SSL certificate

Information about the company that issued the SSL certificate.

Certificate Issued By
Information about the issuer of the SSL.

Full list of domains that this certificate can protect.

SSL Match to Domains

Session resumption is a performance optimization that allows a client/server pair to re-use previously generated crypto material, so that they don't have to compute new crypto keys every time a connection gets established.

Session Resumption

List of protocols advertised by server

SPDY Support


List of ciphers that the server hosting the SSL supports.


Heartbleed Vulnerability

The Heartbleed Bug is a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library. More Information

Heartbleed Checkup
Make sure your server is not vulnerable to Heartbleed

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